Designed to capture the nautical feel of a traditional ship’s deck, the Harmony Marina range brings together two of the world’s most popular species in an unique single strip format. The dark chocolate tones of Walnut are offset against the light golden hues of our hard Maple producing a board that is aesthetically striking and truly unique.

Traditionally to reproduce the aesthetics of a ship’s deck or triple stripformat in a residential or commercial project required a complex processinvolving rubber strips and multiple sanding, but with Harmony Marina Collection our prefinished board makes it a breeze to give your next project a real nautical edge.

Harmony is revolutionising the way we think of timer floors. Our pre-finished lacquer system allows for a far quicker installation process avoiding lost productivity and eliminating the inconvenience associated with more traditional flooring options. Our cross-laminated hardwood ply construction produces a board that is both superior in stability and durability and tough enough to withstand the environmental pressure placed on them. Our 4mm hardwood veneers/lamella are sawn not rotary to produce a floor that not only looks great but will truly last a life time. In our Marina collection we have combined two of the worlds most popular species in a single board to create a unique nautical aesthetical.

Features and Benefits


  • Engineered construction with cross laminated hardwood ply for superior strength and stability.
  • 4mm Hardwood veneers/lamella allows for multiple future sands.
  • Sourced from government controlled forests for full green credentials Each board Individually graded to reflect the natural character of the species.
  • Precision milled with Square edge profile for a traditional seamless finish. Wide board profile for modern aesthetics.
  • Flexibility in installation methods including direct stick or floated.
  • Can be installed over almost any level substrate including concrete, particle boards, plywood and existing floors such as tiles or cork.
  • Can be walked on immediately post installation removing down time and inconvenience. Pre-finished with unique 9 coat Aluminium Lacquer system avoids messy onsite sanding & polishing.
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