What you should know when buying HYBRID FLOORS

  • DON’T GET CAUGHT OUT WITH PRICE ONLY. There are a number reasons that we as experienced licenced floor installer’s have found, the following which we would like to share
    1. The thinner the floor the more issues will develop if you purchase a 5mm floor, the  sub-floor (the floor you are installing on has to be very flat our recommendations, are the Following.

  • 5 mm Hybrid Vinyl Floor, our recommendation would be over a 3meter variation. Why do we say this, simple, the same as sheet vinyl, to do a good job you need a flat floor, this means that divots, hollows, bumps have to be filled or ground out and levelled, the best solution is to use a levelling compound, this is costly and you need experience. Why do we say this, again very simple imagine you have a very thin click system holding the floors together, if the floor has a slight hollow, the 5mm thick floor click system does not have the strength to flex 3mm, what generally happens and almost all the time is that  it will break at these points, over time you will see gaps developing,

  • 5 mm Harmony Hybrid Vinyl Floor is 1.5 mm over a 3meter variation. The same applies ,but because the overall thickness is 30% thicker, it makes sense that it would be 30% stronger therefore you have  more tolerance to work with plus your lengths are longer and the board is wider all creating a better effect and finished product.  

  • 9 MM HARMONY HYBRID VINYL FLOOR is 3mm over a 3meter variation, this is the same standard as Engineered timber floors. Different story we are now talking about a real strong solid floor, not only do you get real long boards, you get an amazing floor that feels more solid underfoot, when walking on and so much easier to install and so much less preparation required, it’s the old story, you get what you pay for the Rolls Royce of Hybrid flooring, the great thing is that the price difference is minimal because the surface are the same you are paying more for additional material in the structure, it is all about the strength!.

  • SURFACE WEAR LAYER; this is something else you should be aware of we can have customed made from our factory both .3 or .5 we pay more for point .5 because it is so much better                                            .3mm surface wear thickness or .5mm; The difference is again 60% more surface wear, that’s 60% thicker, it’s something that you cannot see, but trust us, would you rather have a thin coat or a thicker coat? so when buying please do your research, find out what the wear layer and warranty is, its doubtful that you can get a twenty five year  or a Thirty year warranty for a .3mm wear  layer we would not offer that.  

  • Thickness is more important than price  



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