Salt and Peppers Resort Kingscliff – Ray Group

Project Details

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Salt and Peppers Resort Kingscliff – Ray Group
Salt and Peppers Resort Kingscliff – Ray Group


To create the ultimate in beachside accommodation with floors that would complement the modern furniture and fixing while still offering warmth and durability. Installation time needed to be kept to minim and acoustics where a concern.


After working with design and architectural teams associated with the project White Oak was selected as the species that best suited the aesthetic requirements of the project. A single strip format with a 90mm profile was specified to give the floor a traditional appearance. Roberts Harmony Underlay was utilised to meet the acoustic requirements of the project.


200 Units were installed over a 3 month period with positive results for all parties involved. The floors have since become a major feature of the hotel design and are often mentioned in hotel promotional activity and featured in such shows as Getaway.