Verve Apartments – Amalgamated Property Group

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Verve Apartments444
Verve Apartments – Amalgamated Property Group
Verve Apartments – Amalgamated Property Group


Verve apartments is an prestigious residential only tower situated in the heart of Broadbeach Gold Coast. The apartments most with beachfront views where designed with exclusivity and modern luxury at mind. The developer Amalgamated property wish to give their clients the opportunity to personalise their apartment and so a variety of colour schemes and fit outs where offered. Harmony Timber Floors was brought on board to help offer timber solutions as an option for buyers.


Working with architects and design teams at DBI design and with close consultation with the construction manager Matrix Builders Harmony came up with a customised solution selecting a species not usually carried within our core range. The species selected Brazilian Walnut (Lapacho) is a unique timber with dark chocolate tones and traces of green and gold in the sapwood and has an elegance that was perfectly paired with this development. Harmony source the timber and manufactured boards to the desired specifications.


The timber was installed over a two month period and was laid on Harmony’s Silent night underlay in order to meet acoustic specification. The results met all client expectations with every buyer who selected the timber option more than happy with the aesthetics and feel of their floor. The floors where featured in all post construction sales and marketing material.