About Us

Our story

Harmony Timber Floors is a proudly Australian owned and operated second generation, family business, who have been supplying both residential and commercial projects with gorgeous engineered timber and SPC hybrid vinyl flooring for almost a quarter of a century. Being direct importers, we are in the position to monitor our quality control effectively and offer our clients outstanding value for money. We are extremely passionate about what we do and pride ourselves in supplying a high quality product, along with top quality service and customer support to match.

Diverse Flooring Range
Discover our diverse flooring options, suitable for both residential and commercial projects, with choices to fit every budget.
Skilled Installation
Our licensed installers are experts in delivering superior finishes for residential and smaller commercial projects, upholding our commitment to excellence.
Tailored Flooring Solutions
We handle custom orders for larger projects, in order to meet your unique needs. Our knowledgeable team ensures the perfect flooring product is selected for each specific project.
Our service
Your satisfaction is our priority, and our hundreds of 5-Star Google Reviews are a testament to our dedication to strive to be the best in the business!

What makes us different?

  • Decades of Industry Expertise: With nearly 25 years in the flooring industry, Harmony Timber Floors has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring exceptional results in all that we do.
  • Market Insight: We stay ahead by closely monitoring and understanding the ever-evolving market trends. Our team regularly attends global exhibitions to stay up-to-date with the latest industry innovations.
  • Product Excellence: As direct importers, we’ve gained valuable insights into what makes a flooring product exceptional. We possess in-depth knowledge of coatings, grading, stability, and construction, ensuring our products consistently meet the highest industry standards.
  • Competitive Pricing: Cutting out the middleman allows us to offer our customers the best possible prices, making high-quality flooring more accessible.
  • Sustainability Commitment: Rest assured that our products are sourced sustainably, reflecting our dedication to protecting our planet and its resources.