All about Hybrid Vinyl Floors

What are hybrid floors?, Harmony Hybrid Vinyl Floors, also know as SPC Hybrid Floors ,or even SPC Hybrid Vinyl Floors, all are the same. They are generally made of Limestone and plastic polymers, with a top layer of vinyl bonded to the surface, usually most good Hybrid Vinyl floors have an underlay attached to them for ease of installation.

Is this Hybrid Vinyl a DIY product?, yes it is, if you follow the instructions ,with particular emphasis on the levels of the sub-floors you are going to install on top ,it is relatively an easy job, it’s all about the preparation and following the guidelines in the Installation Instructions, please read these, they are guidelines for a reason which  is to deliver you the customer the best outcome. The Guidelines are also there to protect you from forfeiting your warranties,  they are as important as the product itself.

Are Aqua Wood Hybrid Vinyl floors waterproof? Absolutely yes, but they are not designed to be installed on sub floors with a  high table of moisture, excessive moisture on your slabs must be addressed before installation,  installation and care and maintenance are important, the Hybrid Vinyl  can go in wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens,

Are Harmony Hybrid Vinyl Floors affordable?, absolutely, we have our manufacturing plant overseas and import and sell direct to you the builder, developer or houseowner quality product at a much cheaper price, there is no middlemen  or additional franchise fees in the supply chains, its simply, factory to you, saving you thousands of dollars. We supply direct to customers online, to the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast.

You only have to go online to see the extent of our customer base supplying some of Australia’s largest developers

Personally I do not recommend anything under 6.5mm thick, reasons being, the thinner the material the weaker the join, (click System), you can buy cheap, a 5mm, but  your subfloor has to be perfectly flat and as mentioned you have a very small join to hold  the floor together  which locks the floor, with constant movement through climatic changes in Expansion & Contraction, these joins are under constant stress, it only makes sense, the smaller the join the weaker the product  

Today Hybrids, such as AquaWood, Silent Step have prints in their collection that are so realistic even a professional can be fooled thinking p the floor is real timber

Another good tip is, buy longer and wider boards, Hybrid Vinyl Floors, you will have less joins giving you a better outcome and a better overall quality finish. Enjoy Your harmony Hybrid Vinyl Floors, supplied to direct Trade prices on the Gold Coast & Brisbane



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