Resilient and Distinctive Chestnut

Chestnut, otherwise known as Southern Blackbutt timber, is an Australian hardwood, that offers natural beauty and exceptional strength. Eucalyptus pilularis, native to eastern Australia’s coastal regions, provides unique features and versatility. With a creamy to pale brown colour, it combines aesthetics and durability, making it suitable for various design styles. Ideal for architects, designers, builders, and timber enthusiasts, Chestnut timber invites a journey to discover its distinctive qualities and endless possibilities in construction and design.


Chestnut timber possesses a range of features that make it a sought-after choice for construction and design. Here are some key characteristics that contribute to its popularity:

Creamy to pale brown colour, elegant straight grain for varied design.

With a Janka hardness rating of 8.1, it as a durable hardwood.

Exhibits good dimensional stability, crucial for maintaining level surfaces, especially in flooring applications.

Renowned for structural reliability, withstands heavy loads, provides stability in construction.

Commonly used in flooring, decking, cladding, and structural components, blending strength with aesthetic appeal.

Sustainably managed in Australia, enhancing its eco-friendly credentials.

Easily machined, cut, and shaped, facilitating efficient woodworking and construction processes.

Occasional veins add character and visual interest, contributing to a distinctive and authentic look.

Chestnut timber, a versatile and durable hardwood, offers a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and strength, making it popular in construction and design.

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Wood Details

Colour: Chestnut (High degree of colour variation). 

Dimensions: 180mm (Wide) x 14mm (Thick) x 1830mm – 2190mm maximum lengths (Random Lengths).

Top Wear Layer: 3mm.

Profile: 4 Side Micro Bevelled Edge with a Tongue and Groove Profile.

Surface Finish: UV Lacquered and Matt Wirebrushed Finish.

Cut: Saw Cut.

Pack Size: 2.365m2, 1.976m2 and 1.493m2.

Janka Rating: 8.1 – Hard