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Relative Humidity, how important is Relative Humidity when it Comes to Timber Floors, don’t Forget Relative Humidity would also apply to other Flooring such as;
Engineered Timber Floors
Solid Timber Floors
Laminate Timber Floors

All thes are wood or Timber based, all are subject to Climatic Changes in the weather, if you do some simple searches on the internet you will see that most, if not all Timber Floor manufactures/ Timber Flooring Importers will have some documentation either in their Warranty, Care & Maintenance, or even in their Installation Instructions.

Simply put Timber Flooring is a natural product and is subject to climatic environmental changes, such as extreme changes in the weather, be it cold/hot or wet /dry times, all this affects you Timber Flooring. Ideally you need to maintain a Relative Humidity of Between 35-65 %what does this mean, it means that by maintaining the moisture level in your Timber Floors, you are controlling the expansion & contraction of the Timber Floors, the easiest way is to run your air-conditioner, the aircon will remove excess moisture from the internal air space which will help your floors, you can also install a Humidifier that will extract excess moisture out of the living areas where your Timber Flooring is installed.

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