Vinyl Flooring Gold Coast, Vinyl Floors Gold Coast, Hybrid Vinyl floors, SPC Hybrid Vinyl Floors Gold Coast. Hybrid Floors, are the latest technology in Flooring, when it comes to Vinyl and you want the best flooring at the cheapest price, then Harmony Timber Floors are a one -stop shop for all your flooring needs. Hybrid Vinyl Floors are the affordable choice, they are great throughout your home, 100% waterproof, you can fit them in bathrooms, laundries and all wet areas without having the worry that the kids may spill water on them. If you have a rental home or rental unit, you cannot do better than having a Hybrid Vinyl floor, unlike carpets , they are easy to maintain, they do not harbour dust mites and the Hybrid Vinyl is very easy to clean and keep sanitized for a healthy fresh clean home, why would you install anything else. If you are on a tight budget & looking for great Value, then again you cannot do better than a SPC Hybrid Vinyl Floor. Harmony Hybrid floors come in a range of colours , such as Australian Spotted Gum -Blackbutt- European oak, brushed oak and many modern grey & beach colours to chose from. Your Kids will love your Hybrid Flooring, they can be kids and play on the floor, without the worry of getting them wet. Harmony Vinyl floors are sold direct, we cut the middleman out giving you the consumer the “ Best Price” with Huge Discounts on your Hybris Vinyl Floor purchases, save thousands of dollars when you buy direct from harmony. SPC Hybrid flooring Gold Coast, Manufacture all our own product through manufacturing plants around the world. established on the Gold Coast, servicing the Flooring industries, we Supply only Supply & installation of Hybrid Vinyl flooring, plank floors all our floors are Click System. At Harmony Timber Floors Gold Coast flooring, we understand SPC Hybrid Vinyl floors, we specialize in Flooring, we understand Flooring and we offer the best price on Flooring.

S= Stone the Hybrid Vinyl Floors is made up of a stone/cement type structure for superior strength and Rigidity.
P= Plastic the Hybrid Vinyl Floors is made up of a mixture of plastic blended, again for strength and stability plus 100% Water-Proof , there is no better floor!
C= Composite, this means that the make-up is a blend of quality materials with a Stone base and a Vinyl Top

What should you look for when purchasing your SPC Hybrid Vinyl Floors.

1. Your supply chain, who you are buying from , have they been around a long time, will you get back-up support when needed
2. Warranties, will your supplier Guarantee the product?
3. Surface Wear Layer: very-very Important, if its cheap then there may be a catch if you are buying from a reseller cheap, check the Surface Wear Layer, the best 0.5mm Harmony Hydro-step can offer and do offer a 30 Year Surface Wear warranty, a 0.5mm Surface wear Layer is 68% more Surface Wear if compared to a0.3mm that’s a huge amount, a hidden cost and benefit delivering a better product, which will wear and last longer, that’s what you want from your Hybrid Vinyl Flooring.
4. More is better, the thicker the construction the better the floor, this is simple to understand, the thicker the more Rigid the floor will be when walking on, the underfoot feel will be much more of a solid feel the floor will not bounce, this is what quality is about, no subfloor is perfectly smooth Australian Building Code requires that your sub-floor be no more than 3mm over a 3 meter diameter variation, if you had to install a hybrid floor and it was thin in construction , firstly you would see that the floor appears wavy second it will be bouncy, overall it would look and feel cheap and nasty, the click system could pull apart, if your sub-floors was not within standards, rather purchase at least a 6.5mm Hybrid Vinyl floor for Strength & Rigidity and Solid under-floor Feel. 6.5 allows for a 5mm Solid Stone base with a 1.5mm fixed acoustic Underlay.

Harmony Established 19 years, well over 100 years’ experience in Engineered Timber Floors, Timber Flooring Gold Coast.

Buy Direct from Gold Coast Company. We save you real money!!!

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