Hamptons Natural Oak

Classic and Elegant Hamptons European Oak

European Oak, a revered hardwood, symbolizes enduring craftsmanship and refined elegance in woodworking. Native to Europe, Quercus robur, or European Oak, boasts a pale to medium brown colour and captivating grain pattern, providing a timeless aesthetic. With a rich history, it has been integral to furniture, flooring, and architectural elements, offering enduring charm and unparalleled qualities. Whether artisan, designer, builder, or wood enthusiast, join us in exploring the enduring allure of European Oak in woodworking and design.


European Oak timber possesses a range of features that make it a cherished and sought-after material in woodworking and design. Here are some key characteristics that contribute to its popularity:

Pale to medium brown colour, straight grain with variations for visual interest.

With a Janka rating of 1360, it is moderately hard.

Exhibits excellent dimensional stability, advantageous in applications like flooring.

Renowned for structural reliability, withstands heavy loads, provides stability in construction.

Commonly used in furniture, flooring, cabinetry, joinery, and architectural elements, adaptable to various design styles.

Sourced from sustainably managed forests, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

Easily machined, cut, and shaped, responds exceptionally well to staining and finishing for customization.

European Oak timber, a versatile and durable hardwood, offers a unique blend of aesthetic appeal, making it popular in construction and design.

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Wood Details

Colour: Natural Oak.

Dimensions: 190mm (Wide) x 14mm (Thick) x 1900mm (Random Lengths).

Top Wear Layer: 2mm.

Profile: 4 Side Micro Bevelled Edge with a Tongue and Groove Profile.

Core Construction: Cross Laminated Eucalyptus Plywood.

Surface Finish: UV Lacquered and Matt Wirebrushed Finish.

Cut: Slice Cut.

Pack Size: 2.888m2.

Janka Rating: 1360 – Moderately Hard