Harmony Timber Floors are often asked  the following questions from clients. So let us give you some answers.

Should you or shouldn’t you?The answer is NO, you should not install any engineered timber floors under kitchen cabinets.

First off, installing the floors throughout the kitchen, even under the cabinets, wastes timber flooring materials. You will never see the flooring beneath your cabinets and appliances, so why pay for the material and installation? In the event, you need to replace the engineered timber flooring down the line, you will need to pay to remove  the cabinet making for a very costly exercise.

Secondly, all materials are subject to expansion & contraction. Engineered Timber Floors are no exception. Although Harmony Engineered Timber Floors are more stable, due to the construction  they will still expand. Installing engineered timber floors under your cabinets effectively compromise there expansion and could cause them to buckle  and cup due to environmental changes in the weather,  this will result in serious damage to your timber floors.

A third consideration would be, if your Engineered Timber Floors have already been installed, the  chances are that they could be easily damaged. Even with the best protection, a kitchen installation is a very stressful experience for your timber with so much going on, cabinet structures, sometimes stone polishing as well. All things considered, there is a high chance of damage.

So what is the best method?

Seek advice from your Harmony Timber Floor salesperson on the finished height of the new kitchen and waterfall cabinets. Having  the prior knowledge of what Harmony engineered flooring you will be installing will give you a far better outcome, as you can get the cabinet makers to set up the cabinets accordingly, this will  allow for your new Harmony Engineered Floors to tuck under the cabinet waterfall. Installing your new harmony Timber Floors this method will eliminate the need to install ugly beadings, or scotias around your beautiful new kitchen, thus Harmony Timber Floors installers or your own installers can then put a bead of silicone around the waterfall. The same will apply with your kitchen kickboards. The new Timber Floors will tuck underneath your cabinet allowing for a better outcome and by installing this way you have not compromised the expansion of your new Timber Floors.



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