SPC Hybrid, is the latest Technology, when  compared to Laminate Floors, you cannot beat Hybrid Vinyl, at Harmony we have the BEST PRICE for HYBRID VINYL FLOORS, why because we manufacture and import and sell direct to you the Public or builder at the best Prices, discounted up to 60 % when compared to some retail stores.

Harmony Timber Floors understand Flooring, that’s what we do, we offer the best quality flooring at the best prices, with huge discounts, because we manufacture, we vcan pass on to the public.

Where should you Install your Hybrid Flooring, you can install in all areas of your home

Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens , laundries, living areas, in fact todays our collection of harmony SPC HYBRID FLOORS , look so real, you can be forgiven for thinking they are Real Timber Floors.

As Timber Floor Manufactures & Importers, selling Direct a Special prices Direct to the Public, we know and understand HYBRID VINYL FLOORS.

Relative Humidity, how important is Relative Humidity when it Comes to Timber Floors, don’t Forget Relative Humidity would also apply to other Flooring such as;

Don’t forget buy direct, save money, that’s what we want to offer our customers

Buy Direct from Gold Coast Company. We save you real money!!!


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